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The 1890 Federal Census was destroyed in a fire before copies of it could be made, thus there is no census information for that year in most places. To compensate for this lack, the Iroquois County Genealogical Society, as one of its first projects, went through the tax books for that year and abstracted the names of property owners to an alphabetical card file.

Over the years this card file has helped locate families in a township and then further searches could be conducted for them. While this is by no means an index of every person in Iroquois County for the year 1890, it is at least an index of those people who lived here and owned something of value to be taxed upon.

As one goes through this index, there will be duplicates of names to be found in some instances. (G. A. Jones is probably the same person as George Alfred Jones). Because no one who worked on the abstracting could say for sure that any two names were the same person, all variations are included here, just in case. Better to have all the variants than to assume two are the same and to leave one out.

Thanks to those who helped on the abstracting and indexing of this project many years ago. And thank you to the following for their help in the data entry for this project: Nelda Wise, Virginia Haury, Sam Gocken, Cheryl Gocken, Nina Zoerner, Ricci Dews and Georgia Ziebart.

Cheryl Gocken

Index Updated February 2001

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